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Mind – Body – Soul

What does it mean to have a healthy mind, body, soul?

As a young woman/teenager you will often be faced with both celebrations and struggles that will affect all three! Each can equally be difficult for us as we often feel the need to heal others before we heal ourselves. If we understand more about how the mind, body, and soul work for each other we can also learn different ways to make sure we can stay healthy mentally, physically, and spiritually. Then, we become stronger and more empowered!

Mental health is just as important, if not more important, than any of the others. Mentally we have the power to be calming, caring, loving, and understanding to ourselves and others. As teenagers it is important to understand that while we may not understand all our emotions now it is a critical time for developing and sustaining emotional and social habits that are very important for your mental well-being. Habits that we can focus on to help with mental health are simple and many wouldn’t think doing these things could affect our mind. Consistent sleep patterns and regular exercise are two things you can do that are almost effortless. Also, through other social settings whether it be at school, with a church group, work, or home we can learn how to develop coping skills, interpersonal skills, problem-solving, and learn how to manage our emotions.

Physical health is also important and if managed regularly it is easier to maintain. As we discuss physical health you will see how it also relates to the mind as well. Often when we have high levels of stress it affects our sleeping routine and our eating habits which can cause issues with blood sugar, blood pressure, and hydration. This can affect the way we think, feel, and deal with certain stressors. I always experienced anxiety before I had to take a test and it got worse when I went to college. I would study well but then my stress would affect my emotions and I would feel so nervous I wouldn’t be able to eat; I didn’t even feel hungry. It is important to learn what you can do individually to help with these stressors. Walking around the block, a bottle of water each morning and throughout the day, and packing small healthy snacks can help you, even if you feel like you don’t want to eat. If you don’t learn how to manage your physical health it can often lead to anxiety and depression, so it is important to understand your body and watch for the warning signs so you can learn the best way to manage it on your own before it gets to be too much. What works for one person may not work for another.

Spiritual health is last, but not least. Your inner soul will bring it all together. To be healthy spiritually you must love yourself and take care of yourself. To be true to your beliefs and values is to have a purposeful life and a happy life. Find things that mean something to you and make you happy then others around you can feed off your positive energy. Those people will not only feel more connected to you but want to form a healthy relationship with you and help you prosper even more. Part of this is having the feeling of belonging or being part of a group. In doing this you need to find what makes you happy or find activities that you enjoy doing. I find that it is much easier to learn about something when I have an intense interest in it. When we are connected spiritually it creates a balance between social, psychological, and physical aspects of human life. I encourage everyone to do whatever it is that makes them happy and excel is that.

In closing, be well with your mind, body, and soul. If you get stressed or overwhelmed just take a deep breath and know that within yourself is the power to overcome anything. A healthy body keeps you active, a healthy mind keeps you engaged and focused on what is in front of you, and a healthy soul keeps you content and fulfilled. Also, if you ever have trouble, talk to someone at home, a counsellor or teacher, someone at church, someone you are close to at work, or a close friend. Remember, you don’t ever have to do anything alone.

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What does it mean to have a healthy mind, body, soul? As a young woman/teenager you will often be faced with both celebrations and struggles that will affect all three! Each can equally be difficult f


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